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Rock n Roll Music's Influence on Fashions

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It can be said that Fashion is an Art Form. Music is also an Art Form. What could be more natural than to combine the two art forms to create clothing and fashion that is influenced by Rock Music? Even the Metropolitan Museum of Art acknowledged the major influence that Rock Music has had on fashion in an exhibit that it ran from December 1999 - March 2000.

Since its birth Rock 'n' Roll has had a firm influence on fashion. From Elvis Presley's Blue Suede Shoes to the Beatles hair styles and Nehru Jackets to the Tattoo inspired fashion designs of Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx - Rock 'n' Roll "Style" and what the rebels and bad boys we all adore wear influences fashion trends in our society.

Rock 'n' Roll allows us all to take a walk on the wild side even if it is vicariously. We are always attracted to the Bad Boy or Naughty Girl in the crowd - those that are just a little wicked and have their own sense of style. Those styles have been influencing fashion in the United States and around the world since Rock 'n' Roll came onto the scene in the 1950's.

Into the 1960's musical groups tended to wear "uniforms" of expensive custom suits for stage wear. These "uniforms" themselves set styles in the fashion industry. In the mid 60's along came the Rolling Stones with a tough leather clad street image that was all their own. They are credited with being the first major Rock Group to forego the "uniform" image and have each member wear whatever they wanted. This allowed the members personalities to come through in their choices of attire which in turn spawned many new fashion trends as fans chose to emulate their Rock heros styles. This actually spawned something of a cultural fashion war in England in the 1960's between the "Mods" and the "Rockers". Mods favored expensive high fashion styles while Rockers loved T Shirts, Leather and Jeans. Clearly the winner here was the consumer as this gave us a wide range of fashion styles to choose from.

The 1960's also brought about the evolution of Surfer Music with groups like the Beach Boys - to this day that has had an impact on the design of casual clothing as can be seen in popular Board Shorts and Shirt designs. Many Rock Musicians enjoyed the "Hippie" fashions of the day which brought about a popularity for tie dye shirts and the flowing natural fabrics. This style has evolved today as we see a trend towards organic fabrics in many segments of the fashion world.

In the 1970's Disco hit and became the vehicle for bringing flashy urban styles to the forefront of fashion. While Disco may be dead (some would debate that) Urban Styles have a firm hold on the fashion world today - they have evolved and continue to do so. In the 1980's and early 1990's the Grunge look made popular by bands such as Nirvana was Urban Fashion. Today we see the influence of emo Rock Music on fashion as can be evidenced by the popularity of Gothic Styles, Studded Belts and Vintage Clothing styles. One only has to attend a major Apparel and Fashion Industry Convention to see that Urban Streetwear has a very firm footing in today's fashion world and to see that Rock Music in every form has a strong influence on Urban Streetwear designs. Today many clothing manufacturers base their clothing lines on popular Rock Bands and even have Band Members design some of the products. Dragonfly Clothing Company is one example of a company that has turned making quality Rock 'n' Roll designed fashions and Urban Fashion Styles into the Street Wear that today's consumer wants. Some of their first lines were designed by Rock Stars such as Gene Simmons from KISS and Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue. They and other Urban Clothing companies continue to evolve yet the roots in Rock Music are always in evidence in the cutting edge fashions of today's Street Wear Designs.

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Rock 'n' Roll has influenced fashion to the point where companies known for making musical instruments now also make Shirts, Jackets, Belts and other items. Aspiring Rock musicians today can often be seen wearing clothing designs from their favorite guitar companies like Fender and Gibson. These up and coming Rock Gods and Goddesses of the future can thank those that came before them for the diversity of style that Rock 'n' Rolls influence has brought to the fashion world. Rock 'n' Roll has proved that it is here to stay in it's many forms - it evolves and changes just like fashion and has become a part of fashion itself.

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Many things influence fashion. Strong influences have always come from the Music Industry and this continues to be one of the strongest influences on Urban Fashion trends. Lifestyles effect Urban Fashion also - The Biker Bad Boy image is appealing to many and it has crossed over to meld somewhat with some of the Urban Skate Board Fashions and the Bad Boy Punk Style. Goth Fashions have made some inroads into the mainstream without even trying as can be illustrated by the popularity of corset style tops and dresses for women in mainstream Urban Fashions. Anime has begun to a large influence on patterns and styles. Tattoo Art designs have become a huge part of what is seen in Modern Fashions. There seems to be no end to what things within society and various cultures can and will effect the fashions of today and tomorrow.

Urban Street Wear fashions are a huge ever growing industry in the fashion world all the time. Not that many years ago when attending an Industry Event the Urban style fashions could be found in a little corner of the venue. Now they often have a large floor dedicated entirely to them with literally hundreds of designers and companies exhibiting their latest styles. I will report in on future posts about new trends and new players in the world of Urban Fashion as I attend various Industry events.

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